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Obstretics Doppler in Delhi

There is a long list of tests that warn and give precise information on wellbeing of baby; one of them is a Doppler test which provides information pertaining to blood flow in the growing fetus.

The blood flowing to the fetus from the mother through the placenta carries oxygen and vital nutrients for proper growth, hence the measurement of proper flow is an important parameter to know the well being and anticipate any growth disorders of the fetus,

The flow can vary and is interpreted by its waveforms which are studied after measuring and comparing with the normal flow, the flow through the umblical cord should be in proper velocity and waveforms so that the fetus is nourished well, failing which the fetus will show growth lag and result in low birth weight baby.

Early correction by medicines and supportive treatment will be necessary to avoid the above risk, This parameter is also measured in fetus brain and mothers main femoral artery so that any impediment to the flow in present and in future can be analysed, Similarly any cardiac defects leading to abnormal flow in fetus can be diagnosed early. As per our last discussion, please provide content of below pages.

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